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Helping small and medium-sized business with computer planning, installation, and operation.  Specializing in problem resolution.

We’ve got support for your servers, desktops, printers, networks, connected devices, and employees.

If you have a computer problem, ASKTech can get you UP & RUNNING.  We will work with you to define, explain, and correct the computer problems you are experiencing.  We will work with you to test the solution to your satisfaction.


Text Box: Speak directly to a technician, not a sales agent.  We have no vendor bias.  We do have experience repairing most systems.  Let us find the right computer fit for your needs.  We’ll be here after the sale.
Text Box: Computer Sales

There is no substitute for experience when dealing with software installations and upgrades.  We’ve seen it all and we’d like to spare you some of the excitement.

Software Installs, Upgrades

Text Box: Complete hardware installs of servers, networking equipment and computers.  We will install and configure your network for optimal operation.  We do conversions, migrations, and other upgrades.

Hardware Installs, Upgrades

Business Services

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Technical Services

Slow, sluggish performance analysis and remediation.  Available for stand alone computers, servers, and networked systems.  We offer practical advice.

Performance Optimization

Removal of  unwanted software including virus, adware, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other forms of malware.

Virus Removal

Text Box: We work directly with your employees to provide individualized training on computer usage.


Text Box: Your site—our technician.  Work with an experienced technician to evaluate your particular situation.  Leverage your business knowledge with our technician’s knowledge of industry standards, competitive practices, and technical expertice.

Needs Analysis / Pre– Deployment Consulting

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Home Based Businesses
Remote Access

We offer planning, sales, installation, configuration, and support for your business networking needs.  Leverage our experience to quickly and efficiently install the right networking solutions customized for your business.

Networking / Network Administration / Server Administration