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ASKTech knows networking.  Services include pre-purchase planning and consulting, installation, configuration, and support.

We also troubleshoot and fix problems.

Networking & Administration
Text Box: Client/Server
Terminal Server/Citrix
File Sharing
Remote Access

Prices Starting at:  $65.00 per hour

ASKTech loves to network.  We have the experience and expertice.  Data networks require specific knowledge to provide efficient operation and minimize down time.  In addition, our experience has given us insight that goes beyond theory.  Having worked with many vendors, we also have the knowledge to help you make the best informed decisions before you take that leap of faith.


Our business clients enjoy smooth operations tailored for their needs.  We work with client/server as well as peer-to-peer models.  We work with wired as well as wireless networks including configuration, security, and best practices.


Our recommended solutions will guarantee your wiring is certified, not just “working now.”


Avoid bottlenecks and optimize uptime.  We are fast and efficient at implementing the right fit for your environment.

Networking / Network Administration / Servers

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