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Performance Optimization

We identify bottlenecks and performance issues that affect computers, applications, networks, and operations.

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Bottleneck Analysis
Application Performance
Servers and Configuration
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We help avoid and alleviate slow performance. ASKTech utilized years of experience and knowledge to quickly and effectively identify specific causes of slowness.


We work with computers, both clients and servers. We have experience identifying and alleviating slowness that affect business critical applications including databases. We know networking equipment, both wired and wireless. Our experience includes both shared and hosted applications. We have experience identifying application structure and design flaws.


ASKTech leverages high level IT business education and experience from a vast mix of business environments to provide operational and business process analysis to your company or performance issue.


Count on us to get it right the first time.

Text Box: Performance Optimization

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Phone: 920-217-6433

E-mail: adamsk@asktech.biz

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Onsite: $65.00 per hour