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Complete support from planning through install.  We end with satisfaction testing!

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In Shop: Starts at $35, quotes available

Which package should I choose?  Do I need a server?  Do I need a Terminal Server?  How will this impact my existing computer operations?  What is the best way to make a transition or upgrade?


ASKTech can provide the kind of Senior IT expertise your small or medium sized business needs when planning a computer installation or investment.  You know your business, we know computer technology including industry standard practices and conventions.  Let ASKTech provide your business the computer knowledge to make the best decisions possible.


ASKTech has experience installing software from a vast variety of industries and applications.


Off-hour work is available to minimize the impact on your busy work environment.*



*  Evening and weekend work may incur additional fees.

Onsite:  Hourly starting at 65.00

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To contact us:

Phone: 920-217-6433

E-mail: adamsk@asktech.biz

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Install, replace, and upgrade computer components.  We’ll make sure your computer upgrade is done right!

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In Shop: Hourly starting at $35.00

Onsite:  Hourly starting at $65.00

Memory Installation: $35.00

Hard Drive Installation: $35.00

Power Supply Installation: $65.00

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Let ASKTech handle your upgrade needs.


                 * Memory

                 * Hard Drives

                 * Graphics Cards

                 * Power Supply

                 * Motherboards

                 * DVD, CD-ROM Drives

                 * Backup Drives

                 * USB Expansion Cards

                 * Internal and External


Trust our experience to keep your machine working smooth and efficiently.

Motherboard Installation: $80.00

Call for a quote!

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We protect your data during hardware and software upgrades.  We’ll migrate your data to your new device for hard drive upgrades and new computers.  We work with vertical market software including databases.  Data mining, data validation, and format conversion services available.  We will work with your vertical market software to ensure the job gets done right.

In Shop: Starts at $50, quotes available

Onsite:  Hourly starting at 65.00