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Diagnose or correct computer problem.

Text Box: Troubleshooting
Text Box: Hardware
Boot Problems
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Error Messages
Printing Problems

Misc (Either Or, Sometimes Both)
Slow Performance
Something is Not Working as Expected

In Shop Basic: $50.00

If you know or suspect you have a computer problem and want to know the nature of the problem, then you need computer diagnostics.


We will carefully analyze your computer components to determine whether there is a problem, what the problem is, and the best course of action to remedy the problem.*


Often the technician can correct the problem with no further action on your part. If the problem requires hardware or other additional charges, our technicians will consult with you at no additional charges and assist with any further steps required.**


Once the problem is fixed, we will work with you to test the system to your satisfaction.


* Some problems cannot be determined until after they are fixed

** Basic Diagnostics & Remediation services limited to 1 hour

Onsite Basic: $95.00

Text Box: Troubleshooting

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